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Muralya Foundation was formed to streamline and synergize the diverse social welfare activities of Muralya Group to make it more result-oriented. The Foundation functions under the guidance of Mr. K. Muraleedharan, it’s Founder Chairman. A team of professionals manage and organize its various initiatives. Muralya Foundation regards its humanitarian services not as acts of charity but as acts of conscience, aimed to empower the youth to ensure to care and compassion for the elderly.

Muralya foundation finds expression through many ways, such as:

A visionary and guiding light

For Mr. Muraleedharan, compassion towards fellow beings and a willingness to serve the needy were values he was brought up on, right from his early childhood. A native of Anchal, a small town in Kerala, Mr. Muraleedharan was born into a middle-class agrarian family as one of 7 siblings. Despite his limited resources, Mr. Muraleedharan’s father believed in helping the less fortunate people around him, in his own small way. It was his father who instilled the values of integrity, empathy and compassion in young Muraleedharan.

Later, as an earning member of the family, he followed in his father’s footsteps, helping those who approached him with genuine needs. As he progressed in his career and in the world of business, his service to the needy did not take a backseat. Instead, it has remained one of his key areas of focus. His business and his philanthropic activities thus grew side by side.

Today, as Chairman and Managing Director of SFC Group of Companies operating across UAE and The British Virgin Islands, he leads a hectic and demanding life, yet one which is extremely fulfilling. His unwavering passion towards social causes has won him many awards and accolades from diverse quarters, both in India and abroad.

Mr. K. Muraleedharan, Founder Chairman
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  • Provides guidance and contribution to various organisations working for the welfare of Indians across the Middle East

  • Extend patronage to different institutions across India that works for the betterment of different sections of society.

  • Runs aided schools, conducts career guidance programs and offers scholarships to improve the educational conditions in India.

  • Provides proper medical care to the the weaker sections of society and runs various healthcare initiatives.