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Own Initiative

Own initiatives
N.S.V. Vocational Higher Secondary School.

The foundation adopted a 60-year-old secondary school in a remote village in Punalur, Kerala and developed it into a model institution. It reaches out to the underprivileged children with an aim to help them succeed in life. With over 1400 students on its rolls, the Nara Simha Vilasam Vocational Higher Secondary School is an ideal learning centre that offers special schemes such as:

  • Free distribution of books and uniforms to those belonging to Below Poverty Line and Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe categories, in conjunction with scholarships to meritorious underprivileged children;
  • Full-fledged grooming programmes to prepare students for higher studies in their chosen professional category or for their identified occupations;
  • Constantly developing the infrastructure and quality of education to be at par with private schools.
  • The Foundation conducts a variety of programmes such as career guidance, counselling and personality development programmes for students seeking higher education, covering all government and government-aided higher secondary schools in the Anchal block.
  • Training sessions for parents are held to help groom their children in the right direction for their mental and intellectual development while creating awareness in parents about the importance of education;
  • Sponsorship / adoption of financially weak or parentless children who show promise in their chosen discipline; and
  • Cultivating talent through training programmes to equip bright students for National Talent Search Exams, Curriculum Management Scholarship, Olympiad and the like.
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